Door interlock lock for electrolux / aeg / zanussi washing machines.

Genuine part no 1325560017

4 terminals on connection.


Fits the following models of washing machine...

  • Electrolux / AEG / Zanussi
  • RWN10470S, RWN12470W, EWN13570W, EWN10470W, RWN12570W, RWN12781W, RWN12781S, RWN16781W, RWN12480W, EWN14781W, EWN16781W, EWN14780W, EWN14780S, EWN16781W, EWN14580W, RWN12480W, EWN10780W, EWN12580S, EWN12488W, EWN14580W, EWN16581W, RWN12591W, AWN13691W, EWN14791W, AWN12691S, EWN10791W, EWN12791W, EWN14591W, RWN12592W, EWN14791W, AWN14991W, EWN14991S, EWN14991W

Electrolux interlock door lock (4 terminal connection)

  • Brand: Electrolux
  • Product Code: 1325560017
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