Taylor Parts - Carbon Brush set for Zanussi / Whirpool / Indesit / Electrolux washing machines

Comes in pack of 2


Fits the following models of washing machine..

  • Zanussi
  • FJ1033, FL103, FL1032:
  • Whirpool
  • A2000, AWM023/3/WSGB, AWM027/WS-DA, AWM029/WS-GB, AWM219/1, AWM219AL/1, AWM220/1, AWM221. AWM228, AWM232, AWM234, AWM320, AWM320, AWM320/3, AWM321, AWM321/3, AWM321/3AL. AWM321AL, AWM322, AWM323, AW2M323GB, AWM323/3, AWM323/3AL, AWM323AL, AWM324, AWM324/3, AWM325, AWM325/3, AWM326, AWM327, AWM327/3, AWM328, AWM328/3, AWM329, AWM330, AWM336/3, AWM337/3, AWM347, AWM370, AWM371, AWM373, AWM374, AWM1000, AWM1150, AWM1200, AWM1201, AWM1250, AWM1400, AWM5104, AWM5104/1, AWM5104/AL, AWM5106, AWM5125, AWM5125/1, AWM5145, AWM6100, AWM6100/S, AWM6111, AWM6120, AWM6120/S, AWM6123/PL. AWM6129, AWM6141/S, AWM8101, AWM8103, AWM8103/S, AWM8121, AWM8121/S, AWM8123, AWM8123/S, AWM8143GB, AWM8143/S, G2PWM1/WH-GB: IGNIS AWP043, AWP044, AWP045/3, AWP046:
  • Indesit
  • WG1230(GF), WG1230G, WD1233TG, WG1234TG, WG1239TSG, WG1286G, WG1386W(G), WG1436T(G), WDG1095GH(G), WDG1195WG-1,WDG1295WG:
  • Electrolux
  • EW1030F, EW1030F, EW1100T, EW1130F, EW1230T, EW1231F, EW1231F, EW1246F, EW1246W, EW1246W, EW1547F, EW902F, EW930S, EW931S, WI5200:

Indesit Motor Carbon Brushes set #2

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